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Amphibious Bus
Number:  KPWB 01
Name:  Amphibious Bus
China Duck (Amphibious Bus Version)
Main specification:
1. Maximum Loading Mass (Payload)  (KG)
Rough road or  off-road driving 5000
Good road 5000
In water >5000
Maximum vehicle displacement of Normal Laden Mass (kg)
(When loading 5000kg) With a hydraulic winch 14500
Complete Vehicle Kerb Mass (kg)  With a winch 9500
Front shaft mass 4100
Middle & rear shaft mass 5400
2. Displacement of normal Loading Mass (KG) 
With a winch and a 1.5 ton hydraulic crane 15300
Front shaft mass 7300
Middle & rear shaft mass 8000
With a winch only 14500
Front shaft mass 6500
Middle & rear shaft mass 7500
3. Maximum Towed Mass (kg)
On land 10000
In water 100000
4. Dimension (mm)  
Length  10500
Width 2500
Height (To  top of search light) 3330
5. Wheel base (mm) 
From center of front shaft to middle of rear balance-suspension mechanism 4100
Distance between centers of middle and rear shafts 1250
6. Wheel track (mm) 
Front wheel 1876
Middle and rear wheels 1870
7. Passenger Cabin dimension (mm) 
Length 4800
Width 2260
Height 1950
8. Seating Capacity (crew+passenger) 3+30
9. Maximum Angles of approach ?30?
Maximum Angles of departure ?30?
10. Minimum diameter of turning Circle (m) 
On land ?20
In water ?20
10. Minimum ground clearance (mm) 
From lowest point of front, middle and rear shafts 305(When loading 5000kg)
From lowest point of water sealing hull 450 (When loading 5000kg)
11. Height of cargo space floor to ground (mm) 1360 (without payload)
12 Height from center of rear tow hook to ground (mm) 1350
Draft (under the normal loading mass) (mm) 1200
(from bottom of the wheels) 700
(from lowest point of the hull)
13. Propeller (Diameter x Number) 720mm x 1
14. Maximum speed
(with 3500kg payload and no towing) 
On Land 90km/h 
In water >12km/h
15. Maximum climbing capability:
With 3500kg payload and no towing 60% 
With 3500kg payload and towing 4800kg 40% 
16. Maximum breaking distance(with 3500kg payload and no towing under a speed of 30km/h) ?8m
17 Maximum parking gradient: 40%
18. Fuel Consumption
(litter/100km) On land ?26.5L 
In water ?260L
19. Maximum cruising distance: 
On land 700km
500km (No spare fuel tank)
In water ?80km
?60km (No spare fuel tank)
20. Maximum height of crossing vertical barrier 300mm
21. Maximum width of crossing trench 700mm
22. Maximum depth water allowed  ?
23. Engine
Type  Water-cool, vertical 6 cylinder, turbo-charged diesel engine
Model B190 33
Maximum Output     136kW(2800r/min)
Maximum Torque  546N.m(1700r/min)
Minimum Fuel Consumption 224g/(kW.h)
Cylinder Diameter x Piston Moving Distance 102mm X 120mm
Cylinder Work Volume   5.88L
Compress Ratio 17.5:1
Cylinder Working Procedure 1-5-3-6-2-4
24. Main gear box
2-operation bars mechanical remote controlled 6 forward gear main gear box with synchronizer in gear 2, gear 3, gear 4, gear 5 and gear 6 as well as power transmission gear for OPC
The gear speed transmission ratios are
Gear 1 Gear 2 Gear 3 Gear 4 Gear 5 Gear 6 Reverse Gear
6.446 3.841 2.29 1.477 1.00 0.802 5.802
25. Transmission case
Compress air operated and electric controlled 2 gear mechanical transfer case of high gear and low gear with high gear ratio 1.348 and low gear ratio 2.41
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