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Stand Segway
Number:  ES 02
Name:  Stand Segway
Maximum speed: 15km/h                                                        
Maximum loading capacity: 120kg                                                       
Voltage: 36V                                                                 
Net weight: 13.5kg                                                               
The battery pack weight:  1.5kg                                                    
Net weight: 13.5kg                                                 
Battery capacity: 36V, 5.8Ah                                             
Length*width: 52cm*24.5cm                                                                   
Ride height: 14.4cm                                                  
Working temperature:  -15-50 degree                                  
Charging temperature: -15-50 degree                                             
Service life: recharged 1500 times                                          
Storage of relative humidity: 5%-95%  
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